The NSERC Strategic Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI) is a partnership of Canadian industry, academia, research and education networks, and high-performance computing centres to investigate key elements of future application platforms. The main research goal of the SAVI Network is to address the design of future applications platform built on a flexible, versatile and evolvable infrastructure that can readily deploy, maintain, and retire the large-scale, possibly short-lived, distributed applications that will be typical in the future applications marketplace.

SAVI will design a national distributed application platform testbed for creating and delivering Future Internet applications. The SAVI testbed will provide flexible, virtualized converged infrastructure to support experimental research in application-oriented networking, cloud computing, integrated wireless/optical access networks, and Future Internet architectures. The testbed will also support experimentation in applications built on advanced services that provide intelligence through analytics and advanced media processing.

The SAVI Network will help advance Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy by strengthening the industrial base in information and communications technology (ICT) through the active participation of its partners in the research program as well as the preparation of highly qualified manpower with expertise in the design and operation of globally competitive ICT infrastructure and the creation of innovative and disruptive products, services, and applications.


Full Program for the 2016 SAVI Annual General Meeting is now available! (July 6-7, 2016)

Poster Booklet of SAVI AGM 2016


Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructures (SAVI)
Software-Defined Infrastructure

Core Nodes & Smart Edge Nodes

Multi-Tiered Cloud Testbed

Integrate the Management and Control

Orchestration and Monitoring

Infrastructure & Application Layer M&M