To implement successfully its research agenda and produce the targeted outputs, SAVI has created a team and structure that will promote collaboration across disciplines, partner organizations and industry sectors.

INDUSTRY ADVISORY BOARD: The IAB provides a forum for discussion of the SAVI programs as well as for new opportunities and directions. Each partner organization provides a representative to the IAB. The IAB facilitates the selection of partner company participants in various SAVI activities.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The BOD is responsible for the overall management, policies, and financial accountability of the network. The BOD composition includes representation from all stakeholders.

RESEARCH PROGRAM COMMITTEE: The RPC reviews annually the SAVI research progress as well as the proposed research program for each coming year. The RPC membership is primarily from the industry partners and SAVI researchers, but may also include R&E and HPC partners. The RPC recommends the SAVI research plan to the BOD for approval on an annual basis.